Our story starts with a millennial cliche: broke college grads with student loans to pay off.

Faced with homelessness and Sallie Mae collection calls, we chose to pursue our passion for telling stories. First as crowdfunding videos for unknown startups. Then as moving documentary style retellings for nonprofits, community mentorships, and youth programs. To beating all the odds and creating videos for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Along the way, we’ve met some of the best millennial talents in the industry and assembled a diverse team of spirited creatives. Today, we’re as dedicated to storytelling as ever, producing the most cinematic videos your business has ever

TL;DR: We started as broke college grads wanting to tell stories. We ended up a successful agency creating cinematic videos for everything from nonprofits to huge tech brands.

Marlo Custodio With over a decade of experience, Marlo has made a living by materializing his imagination through the magic of cinema. He founded NEEBA in 2015 and serves as its CEO and Director.
Juan Saucedo Juan is a master of numbers and organizational king with a deep understanding of financial management and 6 years of experience in producing commercials, film, and music.
Ron Sierra Ron has been writing content for tech companies since he had to start paying off his college loans. Add marketing strategy and short film scripts, you have a literature major who has turned words into a career.
Phillip Du Design to Motion Graphics and everything in between. Phillip's background in tech companies to retail visual merchandising create an absolute force of the cleanest visuals.
Andrew Bigelow Andrew's day-to-day involves music, writing, and producing. With a background in community organizing and non-profits, he is a multidimensional creative you definitely have to get coffee with.
Andrew Vicente After traveling over 40 states as an artist and filmmaker, Andrew's love for storytelling blossomed. He approaches every challenge to truly understand people to have them reach their full potential.
Ryan Engaling Ryan has a passion for telling stories through film. Graduating from UC Santa Cruz in Film, he loves the challenge of piecing together the puzzle of anyone's narratives.
Malcolm Halcrombe To Malcolm, the essence of sound is a science, and he is the scientist. From running his own recording studio, he can make a small quartet feel like a full orchestra.