"Growing up on a farm was an amazing experience
....it taught me diligence and patience from an early age."

- Doug Hill, Proprietor of Hill Family State

Vernon Davis - Partner Hill Family Estate

Hill Family Estate

In the heart of Younville, CA, is an amazing history of Napa Valley’s finest wine producers, The Hill Family, that goes back three decades.

We had the opportunity to visit their beautiful winery and learn about the rich history from Doug Hill and Ryan Hill. Being born on a farm taught them priceless values of hardwork, diligence, and passion for their craft. Professional Football Champion, Vernon Davis, spoke on the legacy he wishes to leave behind for future generations and the positive impacts from being a partner of The Hill Family.

It was incredible to hear Doug’s story and how his love of family, farming, and wine became what it is today. We’ll definitely be back for another glass of wine.


Hill Family Estate




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