Housing 2.0

For too long, Silicon Valley has been the most expensive place in the country to live. Yet, the problem has never been worse. Everyone is struggling with the stratospheric cost of housing, from our teachers, baristas, chefs, social workers, cashiers, and artists to small business owners, startups, and engineers. In other words, everyone who helps make Silicon Valley the Global Center of Innovation.

At Housing 2.0, we’re having a much-needed conversation: how to disrupt the housing system. Because the existing system isn’t working.

But we’re having this conversation here because this is Silicon Valley. This is the place where any problem can be solved…once we choose to solve them. Start a computing revolution? Check. Transform the auto industry? Check. Connect the world? Check. Build enough housing for Silicon Valley’s workforce? Not so much.


Silicon Valley at Home, City of San Jose Housing Department




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