Vernon Don’t Play (VDP)

Client: Vernon Davis
Date: 2016
Services: Video, Creative


Develop a comedic skit with Vernon Davis and the community of San Jose.


Working with writer Matt Fuller, we created the screenplay and partnered with kid actors and Mt. Pleasant High School to film this skit with Vernon Davis for digital media.


Vernon Davis stars in local Silicon Valley short film that merges lessons of bullying and the arts with a hilarious spin on his football origins. In the offseason, Vernon spent spare time working with a local high school digital arts program at Mount Pleasant HS and a Silicon Valley production companies, NEEBA and BAMN, on a creative skit acting along side Bay Area youth.


Concept by Matt Fuller
Director: Marlo Custodio
Co-Director: Matt Fuller
Executive Producer: Matt Fuller
1st Cinematographer: Marlo Custodio
2nd Cinematographer: Ryan Engaling
Film Editor: Marlo Custodio

Producer: Andrew Bigelow
Graphics/Visuals : Phillip Du
Assistant Film Editor: Ryan Engaling
Sound Design: Malcolm Halcrombe
Lead Score: Juan Saucedo
Lead Score: Malcolm Halcrombe
Assistant Score: Andrew Vicente
Screenwriter: Matt Fuller
Co-Screenwriter: Ron Sierra

Vernon Davis as Vernon
Johnny Gessinger as Billy
Donavan Smith as Tommy
Will Cavada as Teacher
Bella Balajadia as DJ
Brock Ferrer as Gill
Nalani Forshey as Narrator
Kai Forshey as Steve
Nalani Forshey as VDP
Tristan Walker as Young Vernon
Morgan Laurant
Katie Le
Sophia Martin
Will Giblin
Ryan Courtney Barnes
Paris Williams
Alwynn Guzman
Kassia Bonesteel

Production Sound Mixer: Juan Saucedo
Boom Operator: David West
Production Assistant: Irys Garcia
Production Assistant: Kristin Knaus
Assistant Camera: John Atomos
Lighting Technician: John Atomos
Social Media Specialist: Andrew Vicente
Social Media Intern: Brendan Vu

Special Thanks To:
Mt. Pleasant High School’s Digital Media Class
Will Cavada
Wholesounds Studio (
Lorenzo Dominguez
All The Parents


Client: Vernon Davis
Date: 2016
Services: Video, Creative

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